Always Available Offline confusion in Windows 10


We are a small group of people, have one PC as a file storage server which is shared with them all. Now I have a confusion on the Always available offline feature in network drive.
If anyone might have some insight with this if would very thankful to them. If you have set up a user PC’s Library locations (Desktop, Documents, etc.) to a shared folder (let’s say Z:)… AND selected “Always available offline”… would those files be stored somewhere on the local machine if the shared Z:\ drive was not accessible?

Alway available

I have looked in the C:\Windows\CSC folder but the files/folders are not there that should be. I am wondering if it might have synced and removed the files/folders from there when the share was not accessible. If that is the case, could there be a way to find them anywhere else?

Thank you in advance.

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Hello @Easton

“Always available offline” is a feature of Windows that helps you to access share folder offline. It means if you are not connected to network or your system not able to connect server, still you can access the shared drive or folder and after that when your PC connect to network it will automatically synchronise with server or share folder.

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