Answer file for 1809 in place upgrade?

Hello guys

The windows which we are using are Windows 10 Pro 1803 and now we are trying to upgrade it to 1809, but it not using WSUS. we have a network location for my “in-place upgrade” Windows10Upgrade9252 and can easily script this to upgrade whenever we want, we cannot get an answer file or any +commands
Thus Anyone has any experience to regain this without deployment software?

For gaining this we have done the followings

01.we have Tried WSIM to make an answer file, but it doesn’t seem to work for the in-place upgrade.

We also Tried -No effective type commands into a PS, but it also fails.

Finally, we got an idea of why we ask such things to our guys who has much Tallent in this field.

So, guys, any assistance do you have it must be much appreciated!g
guide me on the right path.

Thank in advance