Anyone else been caught by auto billing at

I recently signed up for 30 days but didn’t realise the 30 day account was for a lifetime until cancelled.

You might like to see what the world says before you comit -

Unfortunately, That’s where EU policy of the GDPR play its role, once you hooked on their bait, it won’t be let off in a flick of hand.
In business world, there’s no ethos for bucks so perhaps you might wanna read the terms of condition before signing up.

The only way left is having a dispute with the issuing bank account but I personally won’t waste time for coffee money and make a good use of paid shutterstock accounts, I mean it wasn’t too shabby at all If you’re a professional illustrators.

Hey there!
Fisrts: Is important to read what they have to offer
There is no use to go to the bank and fight for the money, because for the policies that they have, will apply, even if you read or not