Automating copy process with script or schedule task, need help

Hey guys,

I want to automate one of my routine work, So, I am trying to write a script or create a scheduled task that will copy some files. It works with only local admin users credentials because of where it needs to copy the files. It also works if you just run it from an admin account of course. Here is the script:

xcopy “\\software\quickid\quickid.exe” “c:\programdata\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\startup” /y
xcopy “\\software\quickid\quickid.ini” “c:\windows” /y

It basically just copies these two files locally and the program displays the computer name in a little box on the screen, in case anyone is curious. Anyway, I’ve tried Startup scripts (both tying this into an existing one that works and creating a separate one), scheduled tasks with xcopy, cmd /c copy, etc. I just can’t find a method that actually works. I also added Domain Computers to the share where these files live.