Azure SQL Database request limit to the database has exceed?

Good Evening,

Recently we moved our On-Premises SQL Express database to Azure Online SQL Database. This Azure Database is hosted in the SouthEastAsia Azure region. For a month now my users keep reporting the are getting one error as shown below request limit to the database error

But this error stays for a min and disappearing without any steps or solutions from end-users. Migration to Azure database done by a freelancer and I am not an expert in the coding so I am not sure where to look first. Please help me to solve this issue.


explanation to this is follows:

The above error image says you are reaching the resource request limit. The error image 60 so I assume you are using standard S0 service tiar. To avoid this error you need to increase the resource request limit like you have to upgrade to S1 or S2 tier but make sure to refer the pricing for the new tier.


Please refer the above image, to change he pricing tier click on price tier select the suitable tier as per your need.

P.S. As you have mentioned you are getting this error very few times then there maybe any pick time in your database so, please check your database azure offer metric for resource request. Use that metric to monitor at what time your database reach the limit maybe it will help you avoid updating the database.



@bilal was right here. You need to upgrade the SQL Database tier. Before as he suggested check the metric to find out the high usage reason.