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I have a manual backup of an azure VM for which I keep the backup for one today Only. It was as a part of testing since I am satisfied with the backup now I need to change the scheduling of the backup. Now while making the Backup I was asked for a retention time which I didn’t change so it was set to 11.01.2020 which is either today ad 00:00 or tomorrow at 00:00 depends on Microsoft. I would like to change the retention time now and keep this backup for longer.

The Policies which can be set in azure seem only to be for backups which were mad by the retention policy.

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Retention points can only be applied on backup policy. So, go to your recovery service vault select the respective backup policy and change the retention points.

What happens when I change my backup policy?

When a new policy is applied, the schedule and retention of the new policy are followed.

  • If retention is extended, existing recovery points are marked to keep them as per new policy.

  • If retention is reduced, they are marked for pruning in the next cleanup job and subsequently deleted.

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