Azure While Restoring a VM cause any Naming conflict?


I need to restore an existing VM to a new VM to check an old setting which I accidentally deleted. How do other PC’s on the network determine “original” vs “restored” servers? for example If I already have a server called “SERVER1” and it’s online in my network and then the newly restored server “SERVER1”(which is a backup of SERVER1) comes online, wouldn’t this cause issues as I now have two servers on my network with the same name.

The server name in Azure portal cannot be the same - I get that, but having trouble getting my head around the above.


Hi @sawood,

I assuming you are using azure backup service. So, Please refer to this article Restore Azure VMs .

If you just want to check the old setting and afraid that, the new VMs can trouble the existing VM after restore, then simply restore the VM in different/new resource groups. This way the new VM doesn’t communicate with the existing resources.

Hope this helps.

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