Backup of volume \\?\Volume{20912232-1c6d-4233-a28d-16211a55924b}\ has failed

Hello guys, I need help. I keep getting an error since the updating of the server from 2012R2. When I do a backup of windows server 2019 standard, it gets completed, but I get "Backup of volume \?\Volume{20912232-1c6d-4233-a28d-16211a55924b}\ has failed. Any suggestions on how to resolve this matter?


Did you re-initialize the disk after upgrading to Server 2019 in Windows Server Backup? What does the event-viewer say?
If you haven’t done this then please do it? I hope it will resolve the matter.



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As @salmanhq381 has suggested please reinitialize the disk and let us know the result. Note:Copy the previous backup data to a different disk before doing re-initializing, as re-initializing the disk deletes all previous backups.