Backup PC to a External Drive what is the best practice?

Hello, I bought an external 1TB Seagate HDD, to make a daily system image backup. I think at the moment the backup should be somewhat around 350 GB. Not sure how much it will grow day by day.

Can I use the remaining space for my purposes, or will that be a problem when I eventually will have to restore the backup?

What will be the best practice for backing up a PC using external drive. This is my work PC and I am storing some valuable information So, I don’t want to interrupt my backup.

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Hello @Ahmed2020

you can use your external HDD to take your backup.
Once you create system image backup, then you don’t need to take image backup daily untill you don’t change any setting in your Operating system and you can take your daily data in your external harddisk.
If you have any doubt feel free to contact me.

Hi @Ahmed2020,

You can create and store Recovery image in a external hardware for your device. System image is stored in the root of the drive with the name WindowsImageBackup. Therefore, when you try to restore, the image it should be available in the root.

You do not need to take the backup daily, if you are intended to do so then take the backup for your data like D, E drive etc., you can achieve the using task scheduler.

In my opinion you can utilize the disk for other purpose just don’t mess with the backup folder (WindowsImage Backup) if you are not sure it’s up to you.


You also can use any backup software. for example Acronis, and make windows clone with all files and apps

you can find the solutiuon in the link i provided above