Battery freezes up due to high CPU usage

Hello! I am currently using a relatively new laptop, which is quite powerful, due to the a high CPU power. I use it for graphic design, with important softwares being ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, Photoshop CC, Indesign CC, and Illustrator CC. The issue is with batteries – every time I reach 8 to 10% of energy capacities, I plug in the electric power. Then, the battery freezes up and won’t charge unless I close off all open programs. Cable is as good as new, so I do not see hardware issues being the main cause. Anyone has similar issues like mine?

Hey there!
Maybe is the entry of the charge cable, could be the one on the computer or the one atached to the cable

Hi @Gobbert

Is your Adapter new or the battery,
try with other adapter and a cable and check that your laptop is charging normally or not