Bcmwl63a.sys error

I have an interesting situation right now with my laptop. I made a minimum metal install of Win 10 on it and used it while at work, connected within the business network. However, as soon as I brought it home, it is a crash after a crash. bcmwl63a.sys is the main reason for BSOD, which I tried to fix with the latest driver update (did not work) and with roli9ng back to older driver versions (also did not work). What can be done about this?

I would suggest you to switch to Safe Mode

Restart your PC.
When you access the login screen, hold down the Shift key while selecting Power > Restart. After restarting your PC, select Troubleshooting > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Startup Settings > Restart from the options screen. After rebooting your PC, you will see a list of options > select 5 or F5 for safe mode with network.

Update your Broadcom Network Adapter driver, go to Control Panel - Device Manager. if Network Adapters is not expand it, right glick on the Broadcom Adapter and choose Update Driver. If that does not work, try rolling back the driver to a previous version.

If this does not work Google the exact model of your Broadcom Network Adapter to see if it is supported under Windows 10 . . .