Best practice for SSD and HDD use case?

I am not an IT Person So, I need your advice on SSD and HDD configuration.

I am planning to set up my new gaming PC. I have a 900GB of SSD and 220GB Of HDD.

I need to update my PC like whenever I installed new games or software it should go to HDD drive not to SSD which hold the Windows 10 OS at present. Luckly I found a way change the option using Windows 10 Setting but this is not working when I installed
a new software yesterday it went to the SSD not to HDD, I am resetting it to set it to the HDD.

Before doing So, I need to know what should I use the SSD for or the HDD for? Should I really put all my games on the SSD? Or use the SSD as a backup of the HDD as what I did already? What should I do with the other non windows drive (SSD)? Should I install everything on the other drive (900 gb) or install everything on the smaller drive with os (200gb) and use the other drive as a backup?


first of all instal your OS on SSD, it will be more quickly than on HDD.

you can Install programs and games on HDD, it will work good.

also you need to turn of automatic defragment on SSD, because it’s not good for SSD

Hello @Graham
You should use the SSD as main Drive for installing OS.
SSD hard disk is better than HDD as it is faster than HDD and reliable also.