BitLocker is turning the computer on and prompting for recovery key daily

Hello, 999 Techies:
I hope everyone is fine.

I’m using, HP ProBook 450 G3 Past few months ago, Operating system is Windows 10 (version 1903) 64-bit, Bios version 1.39

I am quite stumped here. On my laptop that has BitLocker enabled. On top of a password to unlock the drive upon startup, there is a recovery key. I shut down my device when I leave work for the day.

When I arrive in the morning for work, the laptop is turned on and BitLocker prompts for the recovery key, bypassing the password.

The device, in general, is up to date as well as the BIOS.

I tried unplugging all USB and display adapters from the machine in the event.
I causing the machine to boot, which didn’t resolve the issue. The boot order is correct in that the HDD is the first boot option.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Hello @Abraham5310

Ask your security guys that, who is using your laptop in your absence and you can get check your CCTV cameras.