Blocking incoming phishing emails?


I assume blocking phishing emails are not possible because you never know which emails is legit or spam and most of the phishing emails come from legit user account which was recently hacked.

So, Do you have any tips on handling phishing emails? and how you dealt with them?

Hi @AnthonyD,

If your domain is already exposed then it’s impossible to stop the incoming email with using any email filter option. Then only impossible solutions are to delete your domain name but this is not possible. Give your user training and try to phish them using knowbe4 Phishing Security Test if any of your staff fall for the phishing test attempt give them extra training.

Another option:
For example if you have a number of users who do not need to contact the outside world by email then you can create a rule in the O365 exchange center and blocking the email from untrusted domain names.

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Hello @AnthonyD

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I hope this link will help you for blocking incoming phishing emails.

Interesting discussion. I reckon that recognizing legit ones is like look out for needle in the hay stack

Usually, phising mail designed to be convincing and ask for private information, the only way to make sure is make sure with either the recipient or beneficiary from other mail party and commonly, phising email aren’t encrypted and it’ll ALWAYS filtered most of the time.

Thanks all for sharing your valuable information. :blush:

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Hey there!
Usually I block the contact that send them, that solves the problem because it sends them to undesirable mail


If you have any filters you can make whitelist of domains. you will receive mails from domains included in whitelist and everything other will move in spam, or will be drop