Brief screen blackouts - Android 10

My phone experiences brief screen blackouts frequently even though it is new. This is happening following the Android 10 update and now, it is as if the device cannot handle all of the background functions anymore. It is a pretty decent phone (Nokia 6.1) so what should I do?

If its new then you shall take it to the Nokia Care Center, It might hardware faculty that manufactured down the line.

Might try to reset the whole thing as well before going there.

Hi @Randal,

This is a known issue in all the Nokia phones, it was in Nokia 3, Nokia 5 even in some Nokia 7 plus phones.

Turn off adaptive brightness and check. I heard someone had success by turning off adaptive brightness on his phone.

Else you need to force restart the phone by pressing the power button + volume up and volume down all simultaneously, which will make your phone restart and all the function work properly. To my knowledge this issue was fixed in Nokia 3.