BSOD in new computer, Windows 10 error code 0xc0000001

Hi Guys,

Recently I bought one new clearance computer and am trying to update Windows 10 version 1909. Yesterday the first update happened. All went well. Today I had a new update and tried to install it. The first error code I got was 0x80070652. Then I got to the blue screen with error code 0xc0000001 that will not allow me to finish the install. It gives me three options

  1. Enter to retry. - This doesn’t work just brings me back to this screen

  2. Press F8 for start Up Settings. This goes there but I have no idea what to do once there.

  3. Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings. When here I get another screen with multiple options in the settings area. There is a restore settings button at the bottom and when I use that it asks if I want BIOS Defaults or Factory Settings

I got this similar image from google it might help you

Hello @harmen
It seems booting error, I am sharing link of Microsoft support team
with the help of this you would be able to solve the problem.


Start PC, just as Windows attempts to load (spinning dots), press and hold Power Button for 5 - 10 seconds to perform a Hard Shut Down

Do this twice

On the third start Windows will boot into the Recovery Environment and from there you can access System Repair, Safe Mode, Command Prompt . . . etc.

Please try each option one at a time, then see of Windows will boot . . .

Go to Troubleshoot - Advanced Option - Startup Repair
See if Windows startup can repair itself

Go to Troubleshoot - Advanced Option - System Restore
Check to see if you have a restore point you can go back to

If you do not have a Restore Point, go to Troubleshoot - Advanced Option - Startup Settings and click Restart
Upon restart, press 4 to enter Safe Mode
Once in Safe Mode, backup your data if you do not already have a backup
Open Device Manager and check to make sure all your Drivers are up to date
Reboot to see if Windows will start Normally

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