Can I move Windows 10 Home Digital License to another computer?


I was using windows 7 for a long time, My colleagues keep telling me to upgrade to Windows 10 as WIndow 7 has expired. So, I just bought a Windows 10 Home Digital License from Windows Store for my newly built PC. I would like to know if I could use this license, which is tied to my Microsoft account (attached picture) on another PC If I were to disable the activation on the current one.

In Windows 7 you can easily move your license from PC to PC but yes with a limitation. I am not sure how things work in windows 10 on license transfer. I am just confused with Windows licensing as I could not find a specific answer to my query. I bought the license with the intention of using it on other PCs in the future when I upgrade my system.

If needed I will share more info please feel free to ask


Hello @logan5
As per Microsoft Teams you can use one license for one system.
Example if you have 10 PCs then you will have to buy 10 digital licence.

You can’t transfer the license once used on a device.