Can I share files over a "public" network among computers?

I have a small LAN which is to serve three latest Win10 PCs. There are PCs on the LAN I do not trust because I don’t control them. In Win7 I used to declare the network public on two workgroup computers and was able to share files in spite of that. Can I share files over a “public” network among computers in the same workgroup, and how to do that?

Hi @JonasHrome101,

I want you to try Windows 10 Nearby Sharing feature which lets you share documents, photos, links to websites, and more with nearby devices by using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi not with workgroups.

To use Nearby sharing, both PCs—the one you’re sharing from and the one your sharing to—must have Bluetooth and must be running Windows 10 (version 1803 or later).

The feature should sound familiar because it’s very similar to Apple’s AirDrop. In the same way, it’s a useful experience that will come in handy in those times when you need to quickly send a document, photo, video, or presentation to another person across the room without having to use network file sharing, cloud services, email attachment, or a USB flash drive.

Check this article for more information on How to Use Nearby sharing in Windows 10

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Check the solution in this link