Cannot access a shared mailbox

So, I want to figure out how to access a shared mailbox for which I have a permission from the user. The issue is, I have to do it through an IMAP and have a pathway that needs to be checked by an expert or by someone that did it before. It is like this:
Configure IMAP client to access shared mailboxes created in Exchange Online:
User Mailbox:
Shared Mailbox:
Settings for IMAP Configuration:
EMAIL ADDRESS: (shared mailbox)
PASSWORD: John Smith’s Password (user’s password)
IMAP SERVER: (imap server)
SMTP SERVER: (smtp server)
USERNAME:\ (user\shared mailbox)
Am I doing something wrong or is this the correct pathway towards shared mailbox via IMAP? I do not want to set a password and I want to use IMAP only to access a specific folder…

Hi @Ashley,

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I can see all the given information is perfect but one question from which source application are you trying to connect your shared mailboxes through IMAP?

Try to reset mailbox password linked with the shared mailboxes see if this helpful.

Hey there!
Have you tried to link the password to those mailboxes?