Cannot Delete over 6 GB Temp Files

Hi. I cannot delete over 6 GB of temporary files in the corresponding hidden folder. I did not set any limitations and I am working as an administrator on my computer (win 10). Is there a way to liberate the space without doing it every 6 GB at the time? Why can’t I delete more than 6 GB in the first place?!

Hi @Cropper

Download ccleaner and scan your pc and delete those temporary files completely.

Hi @Cropper,

Windows 10 has new feature called storage sense which can optimiz your disk and remove unwanted files with retention option.

Check this article for more information automatically free disk space in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

as @Aravinth said use ccleaner software. open run window and type temp and delete all files using soft and also open run and type %temp% and delete all files

Maybe try this:

  1. Press Windows key + R .
  2. Type temp > click OK .
  3. Press Ctrl + A > click Delete .
  4. Press Windows key + R .
  5. Type %temp% > click OK .
    Temporary files not deleting
  6. Press Ctrl + A > click Delete .
  7. Press Windows key + R .
  8. Type prefetch > click OK .
    Can't delete temporary Internet files Windows 10
  9. Select all > click Delete

Hey there!
Select the file that has all of that or try cccleaner, helps to delet the files you do not need