Cannot find keyboard and mouse after Catalina upgrade

After upgrading to Catalina, when I open the lid after it’s been asleep, I get a message: “We couldn’t find a keyboard and mouse” ( screenshot ). It happened three times, and when it does, I open the lid, unlock with my fingerprint, and the keyboard and trackpad are dead. Can’t type nor move the pointer via the trackpad. After a few seconds, I get this: ( message ). I discovered that if I shut the lid and reopen it after a few minutes, it all works, but the last time I had to do that several times. Anyone else experienced this after the upgrade?

Hey there!
There was a corrupt file that had to be deleted. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Finder > Go
  2. Hold down the Option key, the Library pops up in the Go dropdown. Click on Library.
  3. Open the Preferences folder.
  4. Find the file that starts with “”… (I don’t remember the full file name, as it isn’t recreated later)
  5. Send it to the Trash and empty the Trash.
  6. Reboot

Hi Ellis

Please try the steps as suggested by another member. It’ll probably fix this issue.