Cannot rename drivers with new SSD

Well guys, I really am in the mire, truth be told. I am running Win 10 OS on 1 SSD and 2 HDD (2TB of data storage). OS is located on SSD (for speed) while everything else is spread around in two HDDs. While playing around with hardware, I wanted to rename drivers to gain clarity on which data’s location and wanted to rearrange SATA cables. I also wanted to swap drives around as well. While renaming a drive, I lost an important folder and several other files. I tried renaming it back, used Reccuva, Stellar and EasUS as well to try and recover data sets and set new drivers’ names to no avail. I understand that “solutions” may not be easy to implement but I am open for all suggestions!


There are some ways to change drivers names and if you didn’t try it before try it