Cannot set JPG Image as Backgound theme for long

Hello forum.

I have a consistent problem with my lock screen background image, which changes despite the fact that I used a specific JPG image that should not rotate with others. Even when enforcing it, the default background images would appear after an hour or two. I found where system lock is (“C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData”) and tried to meddle with the file (deleted default image and set the JPG one).

Now, I have a blue screen as a background and nothing I do changes the situation. Is there a way to fix this and set a specific image as a background image? Running Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 17763.

Thanks a lot!

I think, this information will be helpfull for you : Windows 10 - How To Enable/Disable Desktop Background Slide Show

Try these methods in lock screen settings.
Better to off cortana and theme.