Cannot set location shortcut on Android phone

Dear all,

I wanted to set up a shortcut on the “Send-to” folder on my computer, where I would transfer files from PC to my Android 8.1.0 mobile phone (connected to PC via USB wire). My logic was a simple one: copy from there and paste in the Phone’s folder. When I tried to create and name a shortcut on the destination folder but it did not offer the option. So, I tried to create it myself by adding the address I’ve found from the Properties of this folder. However, when I paste the location on the shortcut, I get “File not found.”

Any ideas why is this happening?

you want to create a shortcut for copying files > windows to android?

Hey there!
First you need you have what you want on the phone, then by pressing the options of that file there should be the option to create the shortcut