Cannot update my Win10 to 1903

Alright, this is getting seriously annoying. For months, I cannot update my Win10 to 1903, being stuck at 1803 due to an installation error. It stops at 90% and then closes it off without even the error message. It stands there frozen for as long as I leave it (for a whole night once). Any idea why is this happening?

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Did you try to update your PC with the media creation tool?. The Media Creation Tool helps you create a setup file for Windows 10 and helps you reinstall Windows.

  • First, download the tool on your PC and install it
  • Follow the on-screen instructions until you see the Windows 10 setup screen
  • Then check the option Upgrade this PC now and tap on Next
  • After the download is finished, click Accept and select the Keep personal files and application option
  • You can also click Change what to keep to change the settings
  • Lastly, you have to click Install to start the Windows 10 update.

Let me know if it helps

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Step-1 disable any antivirus for a while before updating windows

Step-2 run windows update troubleshooter download from the following link

Step-3 Run the following command by Administrator
Step-4 Now try upgrade to 1903

The most common cause in Windows update problems, is the incomplete download of the update. At this case you have to delete the Windows Update Store folder (C:\Windows\ SoftwareDistribution ), in order to force Windows to re-download and restart the whole update process, or other factors such as short of storage could possible cause the problem.

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check the solution in this link