Can't install printer on Windows 10 after upgrade (in place) from Win 7

There is a laptop near me which is HP P3005 connected directly by USB.
It worked fine under Windows 7. as soon as I have upgraded it to the windows 10 it follows so many problems and I have done there so many things to correct it Since I have upgraded it I’ve done the following:

  1. I have Downloaded the Win10 64-bit Dot4 driver and applied.

  2. I have Downloaded the Win 10 64-bit universal driver and applied.

  3. I have Deleted and removed the printer multiple times with those two drivers.

  4. I tried to update the drivers…

But whenever ever Just plugging the printer in shows up under “Unknown Devices” by as “No Driver Available”. Trying to apply the driver manually crashes also crashes the spooler.
so there are a lot of minds waiting for resolving it I think that it will be soon better,

Thus anyone knows this term please guide…
Thanks a lot

Hello @George

Update windows 10 1903 version.