Change username after Win 10 installation

Is there a way to change username after Win 10 installation? I bought a PC and installed Win 10 on it. After that, I tried to go through Control Panel Users section but it does not provide that option. How can I do this?

  1. Open Settings .
  2. Click on Accounts .
  3. Click on Your info .
  4. Click the Manage my Microsoft account option.
  5. Under the current account name, click the Edit name option.
    Change your name and last name as needed.

Hi Stephen,

Aravinth has already answered your question please have a look into this article also which has step by step explanation with screenshots. How to Create a Local Account on Windows 10.


right click on This PC>manage>local users and groups from here you can modify user accounts

Jump to “User Accounts” in setting to change your account info.