ChatGPT Free or Paid. I'm not sure, anyone help?

I recently started using the free version of ChatGPT and am happy with it, although it obviously could be better. Discussions on forums and my own experience see a progressive decline in ChatGPT’s accuracy and ability to converse in the last 4 or so months. It fails to answer in the context of the question, and I have to ask the question more than once.

Chatgpt is good at answering most other questions though. I have almost decided to go with the paid-for version, but it uses version 4 or something, while the free version goes up to version 3.5.

What difference would the paid version give me in accuracy and features over the free version? Of course, there would be a loss of effectiveness in the paid version, as in the free version. I ‘think’ Microsoft throttles Chatgpt’s resources to prevent an excessive load on their servers. Does that affect accuracy when answering?

Anyone else add their experience of the paid vs free versions of Chatgpt?