Computer constantly crashes

I have a PC that randomly crashes, without a reason or timing. I tried to investigate through Event Viewer to locate errors. It did not show anything and PC continues to crash down upon itself. Although there were issues with dmw.exe, disabling it did not solve the problem. Since crashes occurred on my Win 7, I updated it top Win 10, cleared all data sets and files, and yet issue persists. What might be the root cause for the crashes and how should I fix this (short of dumping the whole thing into trash)?

Hello @HopkinsSway
As mentioned by you that your system is being crash, would you please explain that, is it during boot process or after loading OS?
there are many reasons that are responsible for crashed problem,
is there any blue screen error, if yes then it may be RAM problem or device driver compatibilty problem.

Hi @HopkinsSway,

There is nothing like your PC itself crashing randomly. Everything happens for a reason and every process is noted under event viewer. You have mentioned your even viewer showing nothing, You are missing something look again clearly. Windows store even a tiny process in the event logs. Without knowing the cause or any error logs no one can help you. So, please check your event viewer again and share some of the information with us so that we can help you.


please provide more information. when it happens and check task manager and how many resource are using your system while working. which disk are you useing: is it SSD or HDD?

May be your NVIDIA graphics driver needs to be update or Roll back to the older version.
give some more info about your error.

System crashes as you mentioned may be a result of hardware fault.
Please consider reinstalling or replacing faulty hardware…