Configure Backup from Synology NAS to Seagate NAS


Last month we bought a new Synology NAS for our office. We where using Seagate NAS Pro for the last 3 years it lacks so much functionality and features comparing to other brands like Synology.

Now Synology NAS will be acting as a file server and Seagate NAS as a Backup Server. So, the question is how can I set up backup configuration from Synology NAS to Seagate NAS.

I tried to googled it found not helpful reply.


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Hi @Hameed,

You need to enable Rsync in your Seagate NAS to use as a backup device NAS. HyperBackup only works with Synology devices. If the destination device is other than Synology then you have to use Rsync for the backup process. Please refer the below image also:

You can refer the Seagate NAS article for more information:

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please check my above link