“Connected device” works but "This device" does not when charging

Hi! I am trying to get my phone charged with USB C wall charger, without success. Under the Settings > USB Preferences > USB, it is stated that the only option “Connected device” works, not “This device.” When I try to tap it, the phone starts charging but stops after 10 seconds, giving me this alert - "Couldn’t switch.” What kind of error is this?

Hi @Bib1,

Try this method I heard someone had good luck with it.

Go into Developer mode, Settings, and then select USB debugging. Unplug the phone and plug it back in again.

Give it a try and come back if the problem remains the same

did you try another charger. is the problem same?

You need to let us know the phone model otherwise there’s no way to troubleshoot the problem.

Try with another charger adapter or Type c cable.