Control Panel Multimedia Devices

We are at IT at small inaugurated windows 10 business pro.and we are trying to finalize our image before rolling it out.

but something is going wrong with us. Under Control Panel> Devices and Printers is a section called Multimedia Devices that shows a grayed out computers as if they are supposed to be media shares.

Every time it displays the wrong network, and it never gets removed unless we manually remove it, we know it that it doesn’t seem to be effect, but it’s annoying and we’d like the whole section to disappear.

We do not use ADDS, Thus we need the solution by that we can come to know that the image is duplicated. Anyone come across this?

Things I’ve tried unsuccessfully to resolve this

  1. Turn off WMP Network Share Service
  2. Turn off Network Discovery in Advanced Sharing Settings
  3. Media Streaming is turned off

Thus anyone come across this?

Thanks a lot

Hello @Palmer

Would you please share screenshot of your PC, so it would be easy to solve the problem.