Corrupted OS files

It seems I have corrupted OS files and my PC is slow to react, can’t open Microsoft Store, unable to update in Windows Updates, and the disk shows 100 percent in Task Manager. I reset the PC with keeping the personal files which improved the speed just a bit, but all the problems still remain. After running sfc /scannow, I saw that I still have corrupted files. Is it possible that the PC has a rootkit or is it something else?

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hello @Rodney

step -1go to task manager by using taskmgr.exe command
and check which process is consuming maximum CPU usage
and end that process then check.

step -2
run cleanmgr.exe tool for disk cleanup, it will remove all the temp files.
step - 3
run dfrgui.exe to run fast your computer.
step-4 check virus with update anti virus.

Hey there!
Check this link for the solution