Could not confirm that the wp_version_check

Can someone tell me what is this about:
Could not confirm that the wp_version_check() filter is available.

What might this be, as I am operating a new WP address and currently have almost nothing on it? What might be the problem and what are the potential consequences if I ignore it?

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Do you using Jetpack plugin?
The issue may be with Jetpack plugin. Please deactivate Jetpack and refresh. Again active it, everything should be back to normal again. Many users are having issues with Jetpack.
If You are not using Jetpack, you can do this with other plugins one by one.

The error could be related to any of your plugin or theme you are using. There is a plugin called Health Check & Troubleshooting please install and activate it. You can use this plugin when your WordPress background updates are not working as expected or help you find possible errors related to your WordPress.

NOTE: This process will disable all your plugins and active theme temporarily in Troubleshoot mode. No changes made to your setting