Creating upgrade plan for windows 10

How are you guys,
My company is currently running Windows 7 on most of our computers (around 150 PCs) and I need to upgrade all of them before Microsoft drops support in January 2020.
I am going through all of our computers to see which ones will be able to handle the upgrade and which ones need replacing. According to Intel’s compatibility guidelines, a lot of our PCs won’t be compatible, but other sources say that they are. For example, we have a lot of computers with i7-2600 and i3-2120 processors, which are not compatible according to Intel. Also several Pentium E5400 and E5700.
Keep in mind that I don’t have a lot of IT background or training, just got thrown into it with my company, so my understanding of this may not be the best.
Does anyone have experience rolling out Windows 10 upgrades on older PCs? Do I need to stick to Intel’s compatibility guidelines? I would prefer not to have to tell the owners that they need to spend 100K on new computers.
Help is necessary for me