Cursor Jumping over specific area in Win 10, Office & other apps

Hello Guys,

since I have late model dell laptops(XPS, latitude, etc)

And I face several issues on several domains joined.

Several issues are here.

disregarding of mouse and touchpad in use, when moving the cursor over a spot near the top left-hand corner of the screen, the cursor jumps diagonally upwards by 1 or 2 cm.

This type of issue happens in Microsoft Excel, SAP, Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome, And even just Windows 10 Explorer.

I tried to fix this type of trouble even I tried all types of things.
I Have removed all drivers of pointers. I have performed all types of patching and updates. I removed all unnecessary folders and drivers.
I Generally restore the system to an earlier point in time to solve the issue, but it recurs after a while.

Thus anyone can guide me or anyone who can solve this problem.

Thus anyone has durable solutions?