Database a PaaS or a SaaS?

I am a cloud beginner (anything related to PC really) and have beginner’s question: is a database considered a PaaS or SaaS? Can there ever be a situation where I would want only a database but not their infrastructure (hardware, memory, etc.)? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Aron,

a cloud database has functionality at the IaaS level and PaaS level. The options you have and how you interact with them are going to be different depending on the service model. It belongs to both. How you interact with a cloud database will be different depending on whether you are using an infrastructure (IaaS) or development platform (PaaS) environment. From a pricing and provisioning perspective, I think this is considered IaaS, but from a management perspective, it is likely more PaaS or even SaaS.

Check the below image to understand the cloud models:

SaaS 02 SaaS 03


Hello @Aron

As suggested by @tjnihal you can refer given images,
but you will have to think about which cloud service provider you should opt.
In my opinion Amazon is the leader among all cloud service providers.

Hi @Aron

If you want to focus mainly in in-house system model and you only want Database cloud then go with

  1. AWS
  2. Cloud SQL by Google
  3. Azure
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