Default user profile corruption paired with missing user profiles

Our Windows 10 systems when deployed have the following profiles on them: Administrator (windows built-in account) Admin, (a local user account in the image), Default (windows hidden profile required for all logins), Public (MS “Sharing” profile) as well as the domain user account and at least one domain administrator account profile. We are experiencing default profile corruption, not uncommon, but also profile folders “disappear” from the system. The following profile folders all disappear: Administrator, Admin, any domain administrator account user profiles are gone, the public profile folder may or may not disappear. the domain user profile remains along with the corrupted default profile. As far as the registry goes, all registry entries for the profiles that were there still remain. No profile registry keys show .bak state.

We can replace the corrupt default profile and complete logins again, but the disappearing profiles have me thinking something more serious may be going on. I get that the default profile can suffer corruption and stop logins but have not heard of the profile folders disappearing on systems.

Does anyone have a thought on what would cause profile folders to disappear from a windows 10 system?
please guide me the right path
thanks in advance