Deleted a wrong NTFS partition - what to do?!

Hi all. By a mistake, I accidently deleted a wrong NTFS partition and then created a new ext4-partition on HD. How can I “undo” this action or is old data already doomed?

It really depends on how much damage the ext4 format did to begin with. If all ext4 does is write a superblock, then your data is probably all there. Problem is there’s no entry point into the NTFS format cmd that I know of that says “just write superblock info and don’t touch anything else”. So what you have to do is cheat.

  1. create a DD image of your hard disk and save it somewhere safe. You’ll probably need a extra disk to do this because of the sheer space being used.
  2. format the disk as NTFS
  3. compare the two disks at the block level, the image you made vs the actual disk using the cmp utility.

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