Did you use only Windows Defender at work computer without any paid antivirus software?


I am just curious to know if anyone here using Windows Defender as Antivirus and malware removal tool on their work computer. Because in my company we decided to stop renewing Kaspersky endpoint security this year which we have been using for the last 5 years and just to use Windows defender only.

Likely we are just a Windows device environment so we do not have any Mac device. This made us took the decision quickly. I hear and see Microsoft keeps updating Windows Defender with each version. Comparing to the previous version or a previous year now Windows defender is a lot better.

But still, I am been using just Windows Defender for the last one month and not received a single threat notification. This made me curious about trusting on this application but unfortunately, my management has already decided and we have removed the Kaspersky from all of our work computers.

Now, my big question is Windows Defender is alone enough for a workplace? or still we have to use any thirty part Antivirus software?