Disable DHCP in Windows 10 1909


I have a Windows 10 PC in my House which is used by my family as a file server for my home environment. But recently it started changing the IP address frequently this make me very annoying and another thing is this PC has only CPU not monitor or keyboard whenever the IP get change I have to connect the CPU to the monitor, keyboard and mouse to get the latest IP. :grimacing:

Every time I have to guess for the new IP address assigned to the PC and change the IP address for my network share in my and my kids laptops.

What can I do to fix the IP address for the device?


Hello @Lincoln

You can do one of the following steps.

Step 1. You can configure IP address reservation in DHCP using MAC address of your Windows 10 computer in router.

Step 2. You can configure manually IP address in your computer.

ncpa.cpl command in run menu.