Disk cloning software's remove Windows 10 Enterprise license

Hello guys,

We are all using Windows 10 1809 in the environment. I have used many of best-known cloning software like Clonezilla, WDS, Norton Ghost, Acronis, but what I have noticed occasionally any base image that I use to clone, which I activate my enterprise license first, seems to get lost in about 10% of the time, so then I have to spend extra time rejoining it to Azure and all.

I have read and all of Microsoft as well as other sites, this shouldn’t be happening. in addition, there seems that there should be an easier way of upgrading your license to the enterprise if your AD is synced to Azure, which ours is. You’d think that once a user logs in with their domain credentials, windows would automatically update to enterprise license, but sadly haven’t found any article other than setting up a federated AD server, which my team doesn’t want to do.

So, what are all of your thought on the subject, have you’ve run into similar situations?