Disk has a bad block at \Device\Harddisk0\DR0


I have a PC which has 100s of Event ID 7: with Disk has a bad block at \Device\Harddisk0\DR0.

So, I am following online suggestion till now all of them not helpful.

What I have tried:

  1. Run Chkdsk command on each partition
  2. Run sfc /scannow
  3. Disk repair

But all three of them not helpful.

For Chkdks command I found bad sector in C Drive. I Scheduled to scan on next restart. Scan runs for several hours but still the problem remains.

Any help appreciated

Hello @CrazyFrog

It means there are bad sectors in harddisk. You must take backup of all important
data to another harddisk.

Here is the link that will help you.


You can use this link

But you can’t fix bad sectors from HDD, it just maps them out so there are not used.
also it will be good if you backup your data files

Hi @CrazyFrog

use HDD re generator software for bad-sectors repair.
i have using this software for more than 1 year. every time it help me to repair bad-sectors in my disk.
try this it will help you.

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Hi @CrazyFrog,

Did you run the HP hard drive diagnostic for the disk?. There are two type of diagnostic test offer in BIOS quick and Extensive run both test.

Follow this step to run HP hard disk diagnostic

  • Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to turn the system off (if it’s on)
  • Press the power button to turn the system ON and immediately start pressing the ESC key repeatedly 4-5 times. A menu list appears
  • Press the F2 key
  • Select Components Test from the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics menu
  • Choose the hard drive using the arrow key
  • Select Quick Test and then select Run Once
  • Wait for the hard drive test to finish. If your system has more than one drive, select Test All Hard drives
  • After the test, results are displayed. If the hard drive passes the Quick Test but the problem is still unsolved, run Extensive Test after a restart

If your disk did not pass the test share the result with us I will guide you further.

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Hi @tjnihal, Thanks for the reply. I run the diagnostic teat both the Quick and Extensive. Quick test get passed but extensive ended up in error please check the below error. I don’t no what long dst means.

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@CrazyFrog, This means you hard disk on the edge of failure and going to fail very soon. I suggest you to take the backup or Image of the disk immediately and replace with new disk. If you have a active warranty then you may contact the HP support with the above image they will replace the disk under warranty.

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I have a active warranty for the device. Thank God My luck, I extended my warranty 2 months before only. I will contact the support and update here

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Today I contacted the HP support by sharing the HP hard drive diagnostic report they agreed to replace the disk within 48 hours. Finally now I can breathing.
Thanks all for your help.

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Consider checking life of your HDD, may be your HDD need a replacement.

Above are the great suggestions by other fellow members. If the Long DST has failed, then probably the disk is failing. You can confirm that by following the below process:

  • Run a CHKDSK scan to scan the hard drive for bad sectors and mark them as bad.
  • Use a third-party hard drive diagnostic tool to test the hard drive for errors.
  • Replace the bad sector with a spare sector.
  • Replace the hard drive altogether.
  • The frequency of the error messages. If you are getting the error messages frequently, then it is more likely that the hard drive is failing and needs to be replaced.
  • The age of the hard drive. Older hard drives are more likely to develop bad sectors.
  • The type of data that is stored on the hard drive. If the hard drive contains important data, it is important to back it up before running any repairs.

If you are unsure how to resolve the issue, you can let us know in the comment section below.


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