Display rotation of full screen applications on a windows 10, KIOSK? view only

Hi, everybody

Thus anybody has a client of windows10 box which can serve a display of full-screen view of a 3rd party app.

it’s a flight school, and they display the flight information for their students in the display of the full screen. it’s not collective, it displays on a large mounted LED monitor in their reception.

but they now like to add a couple of more full-screen displays and they want to scroll them properly, specifically a full-screen PowerBI reports. which they can prescribe their output view in the chrome browser or any other browser which can show.

So, show the departure screen (3rd party app) for five (5) Minutes, then Power BI report 1, then Power Bi report 2, then Power Bi report 3, repeat it again and again.

Thus anyone can achieve this, thus anyone knows a way to get this soon?
In Advance thank full to you.