Domain local user profile corrupt at next logon after deletion on machine

Hello everyone,

After deleting a domain local user account from a Windows 10 workstation, and from the C:\Users folder, the next creation which came to us straight away.
For some time I was shocked for what purpose it is behaving like this with us.
The desktop becomes blank with icons,
The start menu is corrupt and all pinned icons are blank, scheduled tasks which are set the run at logon don’t run… the very first logon after never logging on the workstations before is fine and works but after a deletion any further logins are corrupt despite all unique user SID information being deleted.

Thus anybody has any type of idea to remove local domain profiles in Windows 10??
But there is a hope which stands behind me that some else in this field who can easily take out this stuff and make my laptop the same use before this issue I have been used.

Great cheers

Hello @Quinton

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Did check in safe mode with networking.