Domain Network Shares not working through VPN for a single Laptop

One of our employees has been working remotely. He connects our office network via the VPN. From the last week suddenly all of the network drives stopped allowing him to connect instead prompting for the password. He then came into work thinking it was a thing over the VPN but it happens while here on the corporate network.

We did change any of the settings to his, nothing on the network has changed. He has a laptop and a desktop and the desktop works perfectly fine. It’s only the laptop. Another thing to note is, his username is DOMAIN\username01 but when the drive prompts for the password it asks for the username: DOMAIN\FirstLast Not the same username at all.

We were able to fix this issue temporarily by removing his computer from the domain and re-adding it. Then he went home and got on the VPN and the drives stopped working again.

Any ideas what could be going on? He is the only one in the company having this issue.

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