Driver not updating after Windows 10 upgrades

Hi all

We are receiving the following error after an in-place upgrade to Win 10 Pro from Win 7 Pro. The device has OEM HP version of Windows 10 from 2015 for the in-place upgrades.

Apparently Windows 10 updates had not been released via WSUS. After the upgrade, I am getting this error on driver updates “This version of Windows is no longer supported by new DisplayLink drivers”

I have downloaded the latest drivers from their site and also tried older versions I have saved on my network to no available. I had the exact same issue with an Intel video card in desktop. It installed as a Basic Microsoft Adapter and gave me the same error when trying to install the correct driver. I had run system updates after the upgrade until no more were available and assumed that would bring me to the latest Windows 10 build.

Does anyone know of a fix for this? Or have any ideas?

Thank you

Hello @Harper1

Download the latest driver and update driver from below given link.