Dropbox Vs Livedrive

Which one do you prefer… Dropbox or Livedrive?


Dropbox was started in June 2007 and Livedrive was started in December 2008.


Both systems provide basic file system backup and file sharing \ sync between different devices, OS’ and platforms.
Open source software is used throughout both systems rather than using proprietary software.

Both services come in various models such as end-user (single account), teams and business. Dropbox has never gone down the normal reseller model path used by most other cloud providers and instead sell everything directly. This gives them more control over their user base without having to offer incentives.

Livedrive, on the other hand, is firmly set in the Reseller sphere and their marketing leans heavily toward gaining new business this way.

Freemium and Reseller models

Dropbox provides free for life accounts but Livedrive doesn’t even offer a free trial.

Dropbox is better as it has more experience and failure rate is zero

Hey here!
Dropbox is better and it offers a lot of options

thanks guys.
Anyone got any solid reasons why one is better than the other?

Dropbox is the more mature product and is designed for users and teams, but not resellers.
Livedrive tries to be everything to everyone, with user and business accounst as well as reseller models.

I don’t think Dropbox’s data is stored in the UK, but Livedrive’s data is.

Dropbox has many more features than Livedrive and is more stable.

Are you looking to use either one, or simple starting a thread-fight between them both?