DVD drive reads 1st disc, but not the next

Hi guys…
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Windows 10 on a Dell Precision Tower 3420 SFF.

A disk was inserted into the optical drive which can read it, it doesn’t interested to access the files…

after some time I rejected that one and I inserted another one but the pc thinks that the following discussion which I have inserted before that only running into it… I have found a few articles showing the same behavior, but no fixes.

I contacted Dell and Microsoft. Dell had me reinstall ALL dell-specific drivers. Microsoft wants me to

  1. ensure autoplay is turned on.
  2. make sure drivers are up to date
  3. reinstall windows.
  4. take the machine into Dell or the nearest Microsoft store.

This is what I sent MS yesterday to open case:

  Here is the work-around I have come up with: I open the CD/DVD drive and install a disc. Windows read the disc as I open explorer and go to the drive and I can view the contents. I open the drive and change discs and close it. I hit F5 and I still see the same files and folders. I try to open one and it won't obviously. 

So I open the drive again (using the button) and remove the disc. I press F5 and Windows sees the drive is open and tells me to insert a disc. I put in a different disc and close the drive and the OS reads the new disc. If I want to put in either the original disc or a 3rd/different one, I have to open the drive, press F5, then put in a disc, close the drive, and windows will read it.

What I ever I studied I experienced on it but it doesn’t seem to be correct
Such as I have reinstalled all the drivers and then I rebooted it and I reinstalled the device manager and I rebooted it
But can’t give me the satisfaction…

Any ideas are appreciated!
They can guide me…

Thanks a lot…