Email not being sent with SMTP, IP address banned by GoDaddy Email Services

For one of our clients, we assume GoDaddy has banned their IP address and we can’t get them to fix it. Our client claims no one in their office can send the email. For your information, they are using GoDaddy for their email provider.

We think GoDaddy was blocking my customer’s public static IP address. They offered to lift the ban and they were able to send emails again. That is until last Thursday when it came back.

Their computers are running Windows 10 1809 but they’re still using Outlook 2016. Yes it’s old and they know they have to upgrade but We don’t think this issue is related to that. Just to be sure I downloaded the latest Thunderbird email client which is fully supported by GoDaddy and after setting up the account we got the exact same error message in Thunderbird.

The computers are able to get incoming messages via IMAP and the account settings are all set to use the same incoming login to authenticate the outgoing messages. We verified the usernames and passwords were all correct on each computer. We also tried changing the ports from Incoming 993/SSL to the default 143 and Outgoing 465/SSL to 25 and it didn’t change anything. It’s worth mentioning that when their iPhones are connected to the WiFi they cannot send either. However, when they use 4G they can send the email.

This time we called GoDaddy myself and spent over an hour on the phone. The support person initially said they didn’t see any IP bans or blocks but after checking another place they did find one. They claimed to have removed the ban again. We asked why it was banned to start with and they said that it didn’t give a reason. They recommended we run a virus scan on all the computers. we explained that it would be helpful to at least know what email account was the reason for blocking them and they said that they don’t have access to that information.

We called the ISP just to confirm that they are not blocking anything for my client of it and they were adamant that they are not blocking any SMTP packets from their network. So now we are stuck in the middle and we are pretty sure the ban/block is from GoDaddy but we can’t get anyone there to help me.

Does anyone have a suggestion so that we can try to fix this? My next step is to transfer their domains and move them to another email provider.


Be reassured Outlook isn’t to blame.
If they can send when on 4G but not the WIFI, that confirms an ISP problem.
Possibly your ISP behind the WIFI is having their IPs blocked.

Grab your IP address from and check if it is blacklisted on

Do you have any errors or screenshots etc?

here is the fix

Please follow link below